8 great bo staff video lessons for absolute beginners

Learn the bo staff basics with these easy-to-follow tutorials for beginners

The staff is one of the oldest of all weapons and also used throughout the world, whether in Chinese and Japanese martial arts or Robin Hood dueling with Little John.

You don’t even have to buy one (although they are not expensive).  Just get a broom handle, a pole from a clothes line or anything else that is vaguely staff-like and you are ready to go.

While I love my traditional red oak bo staff, for practicing new techniques I invariably instead use a length of white PVC plumbing pipe… especially when I am training indoors.  It cost all of #2 from ScrewFix!

Here are some great bo staff video tutorials to get you going.

The first five are from www.jakemace.com.  His site is great and has tons of stuff for people interested in Chinese martial arts.  He’s also really inspiring, so you’ll see a lot of his videos recommended on My Martial Arts.

Bo Staff Spins Video 1 – basic front spin

Bo Staff Spins Video 2 – basic one-handed spin

Bo Staff Spins Video 3…. Passing it behind your back

Bo Staff Spins Video 4 – basic strike and deflection

Bo Staff Spins Video 5 – underarm spin


Sifu Kuttel also has lots of instructive and easy-to-follow bo staff tutorial videos on his YouTube channel…. Here is a good one to start you off:

Kung Fu Basic Staff Spinning & good technique – Sifu Kuttel


There are also lots of bo staff tutorials on ExpertVillage.  Here are a couple of good ones to start with:

Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : figure eight spin

Bo Staff Attack Techniques: Bo Staff Two-Handed Wrist Roll

The bo staff is a great weapon to practice with to build strength, flexibility and coordination and, like everything else, practice and perseverance is both essential and brings huge rewards.   Here are some inspiring bo staff routines from people who definitely practiced hard: