Review by Aden: My-Martial-Arts Camouflage nunchuks

At we don’t sell any old product!   We only sell great products that have been thoroughly tried and tested by our panel of martial art and fitness fan Reviewers.  Here Aden Gostling, a newbie to nunchuks, gives his views on our camouflage practice nunchuks.

Aden’s review….

Despite having historically practiced martial arts of Japanese and Thai origin, I had not had a chance to use Nunchucks in practice before.

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Aden testing one of our blue camouflage nunchuks


I quickly learned that they are a brilliant tool for not only practicing hand-eye coordination but also offer an effective cardiovascular exercise too as I worked through the ‘How to’ videos this website.  The Nunchucks for beginners tutorials from Sensei David were among some of the best for an introduction to how to use them and a get brief summary of their history.

Regarding the nunchuks themselves, the colour and camouflage pattern on the handles were a nice change from the standard black that I’ve mostly seen. Definitely eye-catching when they’re swinging away.

The type of foam used on the Nunchucks meant that the handles stayed dry after continued use and the hexagonal taper on the handles provided a decent amount of grip. The chain and bearings were solidly constructed, so when combined with the high quality foam of the handles they survived many an unexpected impact with my ribs, face and *ahem* other body parts.

Having never used Nunchucks previously, practicing with these gave me an enjoyable introduction to their use. They are a lot of fun but it really does require focus to nail those correct movements to join figure of eights and other rotations in a continuous loop.

I couldn’t put them down, constantly picking them up for a quick practice and have found that they seem to make their way into my hand every free five minutes or so.

My view is that the materials used on these Nunchucks would allow for them to be used by older children, with adult supervision and guidance of course.

About reviewer Aden Gostling

Aden has been interested in martial arts from a young age, growing up inspired by watching classics such as Seven Samurai, Zatoichi and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

After initially studying Shodokan Aikido for several years from the age of 8. He later began practicing Muai Thai Kickboxing and Kai Shin Kai Aikido shortly after. Aden greatly enjoyed sparing in both martial arts, later taking a greater focus on use of both the Bokken and Jo staff in Aikido.