Kent martial arts clubs

Martial arts clubs in Kent

Kent has a fantastic range of martial arts clubs, with more opening all the time.

We do our best to keep this list up to date, and if your club isn’t listed here we’d love to add it for free… just complete the form at the bottom of the page.



Club Name & Website


Ashford Kickboxing TKO Kickboxing Academy Kent
Beckenham Tai Chi Big Heaven Little Heaven Kent
Beckenham Kung Fu Taoist Arts Organisation Kent
Bekesbourne Kung Fu Wugong Academy Kent
Bromley Kung Fu SANSHU UK Kent
Bromley Karate GKR Karate Kent
Bromley Kung Fu Sanshu UK Kung Fu Kent
Bromley Karate Bickley Karate Club Kent
Bromley Kung Fu Shaolin Culture Kent
Bromley South Kung Fu Shaolin Culture Kent
Burham Freestyle F.O.R.C.E Kent
Canterbury Taekwondo MF Kent Kent
Chatham Karate Karate Leadership UK Kent
Chatham Karate Kent Karate Schools Kent
Chatham and Gillingham Karate Shi Kon Martial Arts Centre Kent
Crayford Kickboxing Fei Lung Martial Arts School Kent
Dartford Taekwondo Dartford TaeKwonDo Kent
Dartford Kung Fu Reading Academy Wing Chun Club – Kent Kent
Dartford BJJ Dartford BJJ Kent
Dartford Freestyle SAS Self Defence Kent
Dover Aikido Genryukan Kent
Erith Multiple Styles International ShinKen-Do Kent
Erith Freestyle SAS Self Defence Kent
Folkestone Karate Folkestone KKJ Kent
Gillingham Kickboxing Paul Wiffen Boxing Academy Kent
Gillingham Kung Fu Chum Kune Do Martial Arts Academy Kent
Gravesend Kickboxing Red Dragon Kickboxing Kent
Gravesend Kickboxing Star Kickboxing Kent
Kent Karate Samurai Sam Karate Club Kent
Maidstone Kung Fu UK Kung Fu School Kent
Maidstone Karate Kimura Shukokai Karate Kent Kent
Maidstone Karate Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Kent
Orpington Judo Green Dragon Judo Club Kent
Orpington Tai Chi Ajc-TaiChi & Qigong Martial Arts Kent
Plumstead Taekwondo Tang Kent
Sevenoaks Ninjutsu Bujinkan Sevenoaks Dojo Kent
Sidcup Jujitsu Goshin Ryu Atemi JuJitsu Kent
Strood Tai Chi Medway Tai Chi Society Kent
Tonbridge Taekwondo Synergy Taekwondo Kent
Tonbridge Taekwondo Synergy Taekwon-Do Kent
Tunbridge Wells Karate Tang Sou Dao Kent
West Malling Kickboxing Spitfire Boxing & Kickboxing Kent
Wilmington Freestyle SAS Self Defence Kent

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