Cambridgeshire martial arts clubs

Martial arts clubs in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire has a fantastic range of martial arts clubs, with more opening all the time.

We do our best to keep this list up to date, and if your club isn’t listed here we’d love to add it for free… just complete the form at the bottom of the page.



Club Name & Website


Bottisham Jujitsu Zen Kempo Ryu Ju-Jitsu Cambridgeshire
Burwell and Cherry Hinton Karate Burwell Karate Association Cambridgeshire
Cambridge Kickboxing MW Kickboxing Cambridgeshire
Cambridge Karate Just Karate Cambridgeshire
Cambridge Capoeira Group Senzala Cambridge Cambridgeshire
Cambridge MMA / Vale Tudo Cambridge Freefight Cambridgeshire
Cambridge Taekwondo Cambridge Schools Of Tae Kwon -Do Cambridgeshire
Cambridge Muay Thai Cambridge Thai Boxing Cambridgeshire
Cambridge Karate Cambridge Temple Karate Club Cambridgeshire
Cambridge BJJ Axis BJJ UK Cambridgeshire
Cambridge Karate Cambridge Freestyle Cambridgeshire
Ely Arnis Escrima Kali Lightning Scientific Arnis UK/Europe Cambridgeshire
Huntingdon Karate Katakuri Karate Cambridgeshire
Huntingdon Karate Huntingdon Karate Club Cambridgeshire
Huntingdon/St Neots/Cambridge/ Stamford/ Oakham Kickboxing Professional Schools of Martial Arts Cambridgeshire
Kettering & Peterborough Kung Fu Nan Quan Kung Fu Cambridgeshire
Market Deeping Karate Deeping Karate Club Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Multiple Styles KSOMA – King’s School of Martial Arts Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Kung Fu Celtic Dragon Hybrid Gung Fu Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Taekwondo Peterborough Tang Soo Do Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Karate Shin Ryu Kai Martial Arts Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Freestyle Freestyle Fight Club Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Kung Fu Peterborough Ving Tsun / Wing Chun Kung Fu Club Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Karate Hicks Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Judo Ailsworth Judo Club Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Karate Nash Karate Schools Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Karate Orton Karate Kai Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Kung Fu Din Gar Gung Fu Kuen Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Jujitsu Kings School Of Martial Arts Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Karate Kaskai Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Jujitsu Yoshiki Go Shin Jutsu Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Karate Jodan Karate Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Freestyle Team Black Belt UK Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Ninjutsu Bujinkan Seijitsu Dojo, Peterborough Shibu Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Taekwondo Evolution Taekwondo Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Kickboxing S.M.A.K Martial Arts Cambridgeshire
Ramsey Jujitsu Kyo Rioku Jutsu (Ramsey) Cambridgeshire
Ramsey Kung Fu East Of England Martial Arts Center Cambridgeshire
Royston Kung Fu GMax Academy Cambridgeshire
St Neots Karate GKB Martial Arts Cambridgeshire
St Neots Multiple Styles St Neots Tang Sou Dao Martial Arts Club Cambridgeshire
St. Ives Aikido St. Ives Willowtree Aikido Club Cambridgeshire
St.Neots MMA / Vale Tudo Qi Kwan Do Parisi Black Belt Schools Cambridgeshire
Stilton Judo Seishin Budo of Great Britain Cambridgeshire


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