How to throw a shuriken (ninja star)

Learn the right way to throw a shuriken like a ninja with these videosHow to throw a shuriken throwing star like a ninja

It’s the trade mark weapon on the ninja – the shuriken.

A sharp metal star for throwing at your opponent to injure or at least distract them…. while you either follow up with a swift attack or retreat.

And if you’re up against an armoured samurai then accuracy is critical as you’ll need to hit their face or it will have no effect.

Throwing one straight at your opponent without it spinning in the wrong way


My preferred technique for throwing a shuriken

This video demonstrates a very straightforward approach to throwing a shuriken, and it’s the approach I learnt in ninjutsu.  It’s sort of a frisbe-ish style and, to my mind, if you want to be getting it to hit the attacker in the face it’s better to use an upwards than a downwards arm movement.


How to hold and throw over-arm a ninja star from Sensei Tim Rosanelli

Here are two videos (above and below) showing a different technique.

This over-arm cross-between a dart-thrower and baseball pitcher looks good for power, but most of the throws are going downwards.  I suspect you’re going to have to be super good to use this technique to consistently throw at face height accurately.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments box below.


How to throw a single pointed bo shuriken


Can you use beer mats and playing cards as shurikens

So in the UK a shuriken will count as an offensive weapon if you carry it around, so they’re only for practicing at home.  What to do if you are out one evening and you need to defend yourself but only have some playing cards or beer mats.   Learn this technique to turn them into improv shuriken (and to really impress your mates).


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