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Review by Aden: My-Martial-Arts Camouflage nunchuks

At we don’t sell any old product!   We only sell great products that have been thoroughly tried and tested by our panel of martial art and fitness fan Reviewers.  Here Aden Gostling, a newbie to nunchuks, gives his views on our camouflage practice nunchuks. Aden’s review…. Despite having historically practiced martial arts of … Continue reading Review by Aden: My-Martial-Arts Camouflage nunchuks

Getting to grips with the Sai

Raphael’s favourite weapon, the Sai, should be your’s too The Sai, the intimidating blocking, trapping and stabbing weapon is synonymous with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael, although other notable movie appearances include Neo using it to dispatch the Merovingian’s henchmen in Matrix Reload and also less-than-historically-accurately in ancient Egypt in The Mummy Returns. Not some crude … Continue reading Getting to grips with the Sai

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